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Welcome to the Next Gen Personal Finance Blog

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) is a non-profit organization that believes that all young people deserve a free, quality education to develop their financial capability.

Four years ago, I started teaching personal finance at an East Palo Alto, California high school and spent dozens of frustrating hours doing Google searches to find that “perfect” resource for my students.  At NGPF, we spend hundreds of hours finding those “perfect” resources for YOU, package them into engaging lessons and create rich performance tasks to ensure students can apply their learning.  Check out our FREE Lesson Library, which now has over 50 easy to implement lessons.  The intent of the NGPF blog is to provide you with information on personal finance trends, current events and ideas that you can implement easily in the classroom.

We love your feedback so please let us know how we can continue to serve the personal finance educator community.

Check Out Our New Blog Site!

Hello NGPF Blog followers,

I wanted to let you know that in the future I will no longer be posting new content to the http://www.financiallycapable.org website but instead will be moving to the blog that we host on the NGPF website at http://nextgenpersonalfinance.org/blog/

Please note also that you will have the same search capabilities on this new blog location AND all of the posts from the Financially Capable site have been successfully transferred over.  We had been running parallel blogs and thought it would be more efficient to house our posts over at the Next Gen Personal Finance site.  This shift will also make it easier for you to find our FREE lessons, activities and projects on this site.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.