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Weekly Personal Finance Rundown (August 19, 2013)

  • Health Care:  NerdWallet introduces hospital comparison tool to join competitors, Castlight Health, Maxwell Health and others.  Yes, Baby Boomers are aging, NerdWallet found that hip and knee replacements are most common procedures accounting for about $6 billion.  With ObamaCare around the corner, consumers will have to wise up to the changing healthcare landscape (MedCity News)

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Let’s Pick A Wireless Plan: Lesson Plan Idea

Here is something I will try next summer with my Personal Finance class.  Research suggests that to be effective, financial literacy (what I might more broadly call “life skills”) needs to be relevant and also has to address issues that on a near-term time horizon for students.  Picking out a smartphone plan or finding a way to reduce their family’s wireless bills would seem to fit the bill for my high school freshmen audience.

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What is the Center for Financial Capability?

Very simply, the non-profit center strives to serve the personal finance educator in their quest to provide high quality, engaging and accurate curricula for their high school and college students.  Our initial project will be to curate great content from the web in the areas of saving, budgeting, credit, investing, paying for college.  Weekly blog posts will provide articles that may help as jumping off point for classroom discussions about current events as well as highlighting new tools and techniques to help teachers perfect their craft. Continue reading