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Last Week in Financial Literacy (September 30, 2013)

Been over a month since my last post but here goes with my updates on the finlit landscape:

  • Yale student teaching local New Haven youth about financial literacy (Yale News): “The unlikely gathering was orchestrated by Rahul Singh ’15, a Yale economics and math major, who has decided to use his education to teach high school students about financial literacy. The class meets for two hours every Thursday for six weeks and covers topics such as checking accounts, saving accounts, loans, credit cards, paying for college and cars and entrepreneurship. Singh, who came up with the idea for the class while tutoring at New Haven Reads, said that teaching students about money management at a young age will fill an important niche in the New Haven community.”
  • Personal finance and economics map well to the new Common Core State Standards (Huffington Post):  “Lessons in personal finance and economics lend themselves particularly well to this kind of integration. With financial issues dominating today’s news, economics and personal finance take on a relevance and immediacy with students, while also encouraging the types of critical thinking skills that apply to all aspects of their lives and that are at the heart of the CCSS.”
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