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The Game: How To Teach Investing in 90 Minutes

I always struggle with ways to teach students the right lessons about investing.  What are the right lessons?  If I had to narrow it down to four concepts:  1)  Know yourself and your risk profile (the best investing strategy comes undone if you can’t stick with it) 2)  Diversify  3)  Understand the relationship between risk and return.  4)  Experience the power of compound interest and how it creates wealth.  So, how did a 50-year old board game developed by 3M teach these concepts to a 9th grade classroom in a fun and engaging way? Continue reading

My Favorite Lesson

Monday, I had the opportunity to teach my favorite lesson for high school freshmen (spoiler alert:  I have a lot of favorite lessons so you may read this again in future posts).  The class starts with a simple question:

The total cost to go to Stanford University for 2012-13 was around $60,000.  If my family’s annual income was between $30,000-$48,000, my net price to attend Stanford would be about:

a)  $5,000 per year

b)  $10,000 per year

c)  $20,000 per year

d)  $40,000 per year Continue reading