Question of the Day: What do High School Students Spend Most of Their Money On?

OK…here goes.  I will try and provide personal finance teachers with a short (less than five minutes) problem that they can provide to their students.  The goal:  to build student’s media, data and financial literacy skills.  Here’s to hoping my creative juices allow me to come up with something for 180 days..

Since most teachers seem to find budgeting a good fundamental topic early in the school year,  this question should be relevant to many.  Ideally, all students will have access to technology to research this question.    This was the best article that I came across to answer the question (appeared high on Google search to “how high school students spend their money.”):  University of Michigan study on high school spending habits

Good opportunity to discuss:

  • Difference between males/females
  • Importance of savings
  • Students can share their own experiences about how they spend money and whether it fits the students profiled in the UM study
  • Summarizing research reports