Question of the Day: What Financial Fears Do Adults Have?

This can be an instructive discussion as it helps students think about their futures and behaviors/habits that they can develop today to lessen the probability that they will have the same fears as adults.

From National Foundation for Credit Counseling eighth-annual Financial Literacy Survey; question asked “Which of the following areas of personal finance currently worries you most?”:  

#1 (a tie at 16%):  Not enough rainy day savings for an emergency AND Retiring without enough money set aside

#2:  Losing my job (7%)

#3:  Not being able to find a good-paying job (6%)

#4:  Not being able to pay my credit card debt (4%)

#5:  Not being able to repay my student debt (2%)


Idea:  Ask students to develop strategies they can utilize to avoid having these worries as adults.