Chart: What Are the Most Popular Restaurant Concepts?

From Business Insider:

screen shot 2014-09-05 at 2.39.43 pm

A great opening question for your budgeting lesson as we know from a previous post that food is the second largest budget item for teens.  You might ask them to write down what three chains have seen the greatest increase in popularity.

Here are companies that correspond to their ticker symbols:

    • CMG:  Chipotle
    • PNRA:  Panera Bread Company
    • BWLD:  Buffalo Wild Wings
    • CAKE:  Cheesecake Factory
    • RRGB:  Red Robin
    • SBUX:  Starbucks
    • TXRH: Texas Roadhouse
    • DNKN:  Dunkin Donuts
    • MCD:  McDonalds

Extension idea:  Have students look at the stock prices for these companies on 12/31/2006 and compare to today’s prices (type in ticker symbol at Yahoo Finance).

  • Which stock among the most popular restaurants (from this chart) had the highest stock market return?
  • How did the restaurant stocks that saw declines in customers perform over this period?


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