What Makes a Great Business Teacher?

This Inside Higher Ed headline caught my attention recently because as a teacher I am always interested in getting insights from students about what they value from a teacher.  Also, since we support personal finance educators at Next Gen Personal Finance, I am always curious how we can help them in the classroom with our lessons and resources.

The results from a survey of almost 1,000 students at four U.S. business schools found that the top 10 attributes that students were looking for are (drumroll please):  

Attributes Separate_1

Let’s just focus on the top three:  current knowledge of subject matter, fair when dealing with students and provides information that is worthwhile and applicable to students.  From my perspective, this survey validates exactly what we are trying to accomplish at NGPF by providing teachers with resources and lessons that are both current and relevant to students.  Further down the list at #6 for students is “providing practical examples and applications” which is another mainstay of our lessons and activity ideas.

What do you think makes a great business teacher?