What’s The Catch?: “Free Access to Credit Scores”

Here’s a fun activity for students that will teach them to be more savvy consumers when they see offers touting “free.”

  1. Have students google “free access to credit scores” and click on a 3-4 of the Google ads that appear atop and on the right hand side of the search page.
  2. Ask them to write down the websites they visit and to identify what the catch is for this specific offer.  Are the companies really offering “free access to credit scores?”
  3. Have them read this article about one company (which is still advertising on Google when you search for free credit scores) that received a $22 million fine from the FTC.
  4. Ask students to reflect on how they might avoid scams like this.


Check out our NGPF lesson on Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft.

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