Generosity on the Checkout Line

Had to run over to the local Safeway this morning to get bread so my son would have lunch today.  I didn’t realize that I would get a lesson in generosity too!  While checking out, I got the standard pitch from the cashier (who I believe was the local manager) about donating $10 to the local Food Bank.  I mumbled something (hadn’t had my coffee yet) about it being a great cause that we are supporting at my son’s school by bringing in canned food.  When he said he would match my gift, he got my attention (and my donation too!).  He talked about how important the food bank was to those less fortunate in the community and that he hoped his match would get others to give.    I bet he will be successful.  Call it the contagion of generosity; when you see others being so generous and committed it is easy to follow.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it might be good to share stories like this with your students so they understand how money can be used to help others.