Activity idea: Teaching Students to Be Savvy

Consumer Reports published their Naughty and Nice List for 2014.  It called out companies who had run-ins with regulators due to practices that can be best be described as anti-consumer:  Here’s a sample:

Hearthware Inc./NuWave

Hearthware markets the popular NuWave infrared oven, sold primarily by infomercial (but also at stores such as Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond). The company has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau for misleading consumers regarding exorbitant shipping fees. We checked out the site and discovered that shipping fees can exceed some of the accessories themselves.

Activity idea:  Have students conduct online research of one of the companies that appear on the Naughty List and document/provide evidence of the practice being cited OR have students do research on their own to identify their own “naughty” companies.  Hint:  Doing a Google search on “consumer fraud” is a good starting place.


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