A Millenial Viewpoint: Why Switch Banks?

Good article for your students to read during your checking or banking unit.  Chock-full of topics that you probably covered in your lesson and are worthy of further discussion.

Here is how the article opens…

“When I was 16, I went to the local Washington Mutual branch with my mom and opened a savings account so I’d have a place to put the money I made working at the roller-skating rink.  A decade later, I found myself still banking at what has become Chase.”

The author goes on to describe how she made the decision to switch banks and the process to make the change.  I like the article due to the fact that it covers a plethora of topics that you can use the as a jumping off point for discussions where students can apply the knowledge they learned in your lesson:  

  • Demonstrates influence of parents on early banking choices (see this earlier post about how consumers pick banks)
  • Example of adult making independent decisions by comparison shopping (see this earlier post about comparing bank accounts)
  • Online vs. “bricks and mortar” banks
  • Debit vs. credit card usage (see this earlier post about how consumers pay for things)
  • Demystifies process of how to switch banks


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