Question of the Day: What is The Most Common Job in Each State?

Hat tip to Next Gen Personal Finance’s Jessica Endlich Winkler for finding this great interactive map (from Planet Money) showing how the most common job has changed in each state since 1978.  Be sure to hit the PLAY button at the lower, right hand side of the map to see how career opportunities have changed over time.

Have your students see how the map changes over these time periods and ask them what the main takeaways are (they may need to hit PLAY a few times).  I am sure they will naturally be interested in  how their state had changed over time and trying to explain why those changes have happened.

From the article:

  • Why so many truck drivers?
  • Rise and fall of secretaries
  • Disappearance of manufacturing jobs
  • Fewer and fewer farmers
  • Who knew that Utah was a hub for technology jobs?


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