Sign of the Apocalypse: Can I Get Some Casino Chips If I Take This Course Too?

I had to do a double take when I saw this headline:  “Hoosier Lottery And Ivy Tech Team Up To Promote Financial Literacy.”  Let me get this straight..A state lottery commission is promoting financial literacy.

While you are thinking about the irony of this…you should know that we have a lesson on this:  Playing the Lottery.  I won’t be expecting any calls from the Hoosier Lottery inquiring about this, however, since the objectives of the lesson are to show how low the odds are of winning the lottery and suggests more productive uses for that money.

Just another example of how the financial literacy movement gets hijacked by organizations looking for some cheap PR and building their brand recognition.  While they are at it, maybe they can partner with a local casino and offer a “field trip” with chips included.