Featured NGPF Lesson: Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft

It’s National Consumer Protection Week, so a great time to highlight our lesson “Scams, Fraud and Identity Theft.”

Given the increasing prevalence of identity theft and other financial scams facilitated by the internet, we believe this is an integral lesson to increase student savviness.  The lesson exposes students to the most popular financial scams and engages students with a group project where they become a “scam expert” and recommend steps to avoid falling victim to their specific scam.  Other concepts covered in the lesson:

  • Learn the consequences of identity theft and how to recover if you have been victimized
  • Ways to protect yourself from credit card debt
  • Protecting yourself from email phishing expeditions
  • Conducting mobile banking in a secure and safe way
  • Creating passwords that protect your digital assets

I had a student come up to me last Saturday at the FBLA conference in Daly City and tell me how her family and friends were victimized by a Ponzi scheme.  By educating students about the telltale signs of a financial scam, hopefully they will be able to protect themselves, their family and friends.