What are Three of the Most Dangerous Types of Identity Theft?

From USA Today:

  • Child ID Theft:  “Thieves often go after children’s identities through stealing data from schools or even taking their relatives’ information. Children will likely not know they were victims until they grow older and are denied for their first loan, credit card or even housing because of a poor credit history.”
  • Medical ID Theft:  “Although consumers may think their medical information is not a target for cybercriminals, healthcare companies are becoming increasingly targeted. Data breaches in the healthcare sector could result in your information falling into the hands of thieves who could then use this data to take advantage of medical services.”
  • Tax ID Theft:  “In 2013, the Internal Revenue Service gave out $5.8 billion in fraudulent tax refunds.”

The article goes on to provide consumers with ideas on how to prevent becoming a victim of fraud.


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