Activity Idea: Call-In With Your Questions

Listening to this call-in show about financial literacy got me thinking about ways to replicate this in the classroom.  Here is one idea on how you might set this up:

  1. All students write down 1-2 personal finance questions that they have that are relevant to their lives.
  2. Collect all the questions and find the 6-7 questions that are most prevalent.
  3. Assign one of these 6-7 questions to each student so in a class of 21, there might be 3 students trying to answer the same question.
  4. Students research answers to the questions.
  5. Simulate talk show and have a student come up to the front of the class and answer the question that they had to answer.  You can read the question to them to simulate the call-in feature.
  6. The rest of the class is ready to discuss the answer in a conversation facilitated by you.

Good luck!