What Are Teachers Reading on the NGPF Blog? Top 10 For March

What are people reading on the NGPF Blog in March?  Here are the top 10 posts, which reflect the varied interests of personal finance educators:

#10.  Are Stocks A Risky Long-Term Investment?

#9.  How Can I Get World-Class Investing Advice For Free?

#8.  How I Used The Warren Buffett – Lebron James Conversation To Teach Investing

#7.  What Is One of the Most Important Skills Required to Get a Decent Paying Job?

#6.  What Can Schoolhouse Rock Videos Teach Us About Money?

#5.  What’s the Latest Checking Account Trends?

#4.  Would You Rather Have $1 Million or Double Your Money Every Day for 30 Days Starting With A Penny?

#3.  How Does Online Banking Work?

#2.  What Do High School Students Spend Most of Their Money On?

Drumroll, please…and the #1 post for March was….

#1.  The Mystery of the $8 Million Janitor  (Andrew from the NGPF team created an engaging activity that uses this recent news story to teach students the value of compound interest)