April 8th Activity of the Day: What Makes A Good Personal Finance PSA?

Students love watching videos…they also love making them too and with the ubiquity of smart phones, it has never been easier for them to create their own.  This Personal Finance PSA WebQuest is a great way to introduce students to the concept of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) before asking them to complete their own PSA as a group project.

This activity asks students to go out on the web and find three personal finance related PSAs that motivate them to take a certain action.  Students complete a chart and fill in the title, producer, web address and a brief description of it.  Students then reflect on the PSA that they found most impactful and asked to list the reasons why.  Finally, students are asked to generate ideas that may have made that PSA even more compelling.

This activity can be combined with the NGPF Lesson on How To Make A PSA (Resources 8-10 would be a good place to start after this activity).

Good luck!