Video Resource: How Does Wall Street Influence The Economy?

As my earlier post indicated, earlier today I stumbled across a set of 20 educational videos called We The Economy.  Notably each film has been created by an acclaimed film maker with the goal of making the economy more understandable.  I will be reviewing more of these videos over the next several weeks and highlighting those that I think are most pertinent to a personal finance/financial literacy course.

A question that I often get from students is “How does Wall Street (or the Stock Exchange) work and why should I care?”  In The Street (video with 9:23 run time) and companion guide), students will learn:

  • The location, Wall Street, as well as the larger idea of what Wall Street represents and the interplay with Main Street
  • Learn how stock markets have changed over time (hint:  fewer traders and more machines)
  • Understand the role of investment banks in matching savers to entrepreneurs
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be a financial reporter at CNBC and Bloomberg TV.


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