Question of the Day: How Many Americans Don’t Currently Have A Credit Score?

Answer:  53 million BUT…this will be changing as FICO announced that they will begin using alternative data including utility and cable bills to create FICO scores for this population.  This is particularly important for college students to understand for the reasons described in the WSJ article below.

To learn more:

  • Video on Fox Business with the CEO of FICO who explains the new scoring system

A new FICO credit-scoring approach by Fair Isaac Corp.FICO -0.79% could have major implications for college students, making it more important for them to stay on top of all their payments.  Most college students have little credit history and as a result have a low or no FICO score, which can hurt their chances of getting approved for loans after college or getting low interest rates.  The new approach, which Fair Isaac announced Thursday, uses alternative data, including payment history with cable bills, cellphone bills, utility payments and other factors.


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