Question: What Are The Worst College Majors For Your Career?

Big, big caveat first (from Kiplinger’s):

Pursue any one of these majors if that’s where your passion lies, because what you study in school is just one component of the overall package you present to prospective employers. Just be prepared for the reality that some majors can limit your career opportunities and earnings potential after graduation.

Answer:  Drumroll, please…..

#10. Art History

#9:  Social Work

#8:  Photography

#7:  Culinary Arts

#6:  Child and Family Studies

#5:  Biblical Studies

#4:  Music

#3:  Animal Science

#2: Horticulture

And #1:  Exercise Science (unless you are in the San Francisco Bay Area now, where personal trainers can charge more than $100/hour)


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