What Can I Find At Next Gen Personal Finance?

New to Next Gen Personal Finance?  Are you a parent, a teacher, a student or an adult learner looking to improve your financial literacy?  You have come to the right place!  We are a team of educators committed to improving financial literacy.  We accomplish this by providing FREE content in three ways:

1)  The Next Gen Personal Finance Blog, with 10-15 posts a week, is designed to educate using Questions of the Day, analysis of current events, ideas for activities and the curation of high quality videos and articles.  Here’s a sampling of recent posts:

2)  We have created over eighty activities (see our Activity Bank here) that engage students and hone their decision-making skills.  These activities teach students to grapple with vexing questions that often don’t have a “right answer:”

3)  Next Gen Personal Finance currently contains more than seventy lessons organized into nine units, including Paying for College, Budgeting, Credit Cards, Credit Scores and Financial Pitfalls. Every lesson has common elements, such as a full lesson plan, student activity packet, text and video resources, performance tasks/activities and culminating assessments.  Here are a few of our most popular lessons:

We love to get your feedback so please drop me an email at tim@nextgenpersonalfinance.org to let me know how we can continue to improve our service to you.