What’s the Link Between Horror Movies and Personal Finance?

Here’s an audio resource (from Marketplace.org (6:43 run time):

If you’re headed to the movies this weekend, you have your pick of the paranormal. There’s demon possession, alien invasions, and of course, zombies. The mindless, murderous creatures have experienced a resurgence in pop culture in films like “Warm Bodies,” a comedy with a zombie in the role of the romantic lead, and the TV show, “The Walking Dead,” a smash in its third season on AMC. Maria Pramaggiore, a film professor at North Carolina State University, says she sees a link between horror movies and personal finance. Scroll over the photo above to find out what Pramaggiore says your favorite movie monster represents financially.

Learn how vampires are evocative of managers (and capitalism) and how zombies represent the working class. Enjoy!