Audio Resource: How Does Gen Z Think About Money And College?

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Marketplace interviewed four college seniors who are older members of Generation Z (who were in middle school during the Great Recession) to get their perspectives on money, the economy and paying for college.  The audio resource is six minutes long and provides short answer snippets to the questions listed below.

Prior to listening to the audio recording, It might be interesting to have your students do a pair-share choosing three of these questions so they can see how their perspectives are similar/different to the students interviewed:

  • Do you trust the economy?
  • Are you saving for college?  How are you accomplishing this?
  • How much of a priority is money in your life?
  • What do you spend your money on?
  • What is your biggest fear as you think about your post-college career?
  • How well do you understand how you are going to pay for college?