Product Release: NGPF Assessment Bank


Today, we are proud to release the beta version of the NGPF Assessment Bank. You asked for this in our recent surveys and we are delivering a set of 25 multiple choice questions for each of the five most frequently used NGPF Units. The assessments are now available in two places: online on our Gooru platform and a Google Docs version for those who prefer a paper version.

Here are the units currently available with links to the two versions:

  1. Checking……… Google Doc | Gooru
  2. Savings……….. Google Doc | Gooru
  3. Credit Scores.. Google Doc | Gooru
  4. Budgeting…….  Google Doc | Gooru
  5. Investing………. Google Doc | Gooru

Can you provide more detail on the two ways that I can access the NGPF Assessment Bank?

1) Gooru platform (click on “Assessment Bank” along the left toolbar
  • Students can complete assessments online
  • Automatically graded – feedback is instantaneous for both teachers and students
  • Just create a class, enroll your students, and get started – here’s a link to Teacher Support
2) Google Docs
  • Print and Go – In one click you can have a set of 25 questions in hand to give to your students
  • Want to customize? Easily download the document, and then add/delete/modify questions to your heart’s content
  • View the Google Docs Assessment Bank and you have links to all of the available NGPF assessment questions in one place!

Are answer keys available?

Of course!  Email Jessica ( to get access to the answer keys.

What if I don’t use NGPF content in my classroom, can I still use the Assessment Bank?

Yes. We have designed the questions so they can be used by ALL teachers.  We assess the broadest elements for each unit so they do not require completing NGPF units to be successful. Our questions ask students to analyze data and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Why are you calling this a Beta version?

A Beta version of a product is one that contains most of its major features but is not yet complete. Before completing assessments for all twelve of your units, we wanted to give you the opportunity to weigh in with your feedback.  We will be sending out a brief survey shortly but if you can’t wait…let us know what we did right or what we can improve upon (

When will you have Assessments available for the other NGPF units?

As mentioned above, we would love to incorporate your feedback before adding to the Assessment Bank. We are particularly interested in hearing from you about:

  • Are their specific types of questions you would like to see more of?
  • Is there a FREE assessment platform that you are already using that we can load our questions onto?
  • Which unit(s) are you dying to have assessments for?  We will prioritize based on your feedback.

Ok, so I still haven’t answered your question yet…we hope to have a full set of questions for all twelve units available by late October.