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Question: What Should You Do Over The Summer?


With the calendar inching closer to August, which means back to school for many, it’s not too early to think about how your high school students should be spending their future summers.  You might want to file this one away for spring of next year. Based on this NY Times article, there are quite a few benefits to summer employment as a bank teller:

It’s a rare summer job that combines the acquisition of intensely practical knowledge and the opportunity to have conversations about important and personal topics with people two or three times your age.

Interesting to see this research buried in this article about what admissions directors at college look for when it comes to summer experiences: Continue reading

Insights from Career Day…

I co-teach a 6 week personal finance course for incoming 9th graders every summer at Eastside College Prep. in East Palo Alto, California.  Over the years, I have developed a 25-hour project-based curriculum that teaches students the basics of saving, budgeting, investing, credit cards, credit scores and careers.

One of my favorite sessions is Career Day which has the following structure: Continue reading

Activity Idea: My First Job

A great activity for high school/college students who have held jobs.  Give them the option to reflect on the experiences  of their first jobs through the written word or via short 2-3 minute video.  To get them started thinking about this, here’s an entertaining video about the travails of a Weinermobile driver:

Here are a set of reflection questions that you might consider (my answers below): Continue reading

Getting A Summer Job? Here’s What You Need To Know About Taxes

This makes a good activity if many of your students work during the summer or school year.  I used this article from Kiplinger as a primary source.

Step 1:  Student worker will need to complete a W-4.  Here’s a W-4 Calculator to help students get a feel for how much in taxes will come out of their paychecks.  For W-4 Calculator, students should will need to know their gross wages and the frequency of pay.  If they don’t know this, as long as they know their hourly rate and # of hours per week, they can calculate their weekly pay amount.

Two key points they will need to confront in filling out the W-4: Continue reading