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What’s New In Schools?

With schools opening across the country, here’s the latest news on what’s happening with financial literacy:

  • Gooding, a rock and roll band, is touring US high schools to spread their message of financial literacy (Parade):

The band, which also includes Jesse Rich on drums and Billy Driver on bass, created Funding the Future, a nonprofit that delivers a message of financial literacy through an engaging music-focused presentation. They’ve been putting on their shows at high schools across the country.

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Question: How Do You Get Paid?

A good reminder of a question that you might want to ask anyone providing you with financial advice:  How do you get paid?  It will help you understand if the advisors interests are aligned with yours.

From New Zealand Herald:

“Financial advice is particularly complicated because of the different types of advisers and the many ways they earn their money…”

Activity Idea: What Are You Complaining About?

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 4.58.59 PM

I stumbled upon this Complaint Database on the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) website and thought it would make a great activity for students while also increasing their “street smarts” regarding common complaints with financial service firms.

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What’s New At Schools?

Tracking recent personal finance activity at high schools across America:

  • Bucks County (PA) high schools teaming up with Philly Fed (Bucks County Courier):Students in Chuck Deal’s personal finance class at Neshaminy High School will end the year knowing how to protect themselves from identity theft, create a budget and keep from getting taken for a ride when they buy their first car. Those topics, and more, are part of a popular personal finance course that draws some of its programming from one of the largest financial institutions in the country: the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
  • Junior Achievement put on a full-day financial literacy workshop for Central York (PA) High School students (York Daily Record):

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What’s New In The Schools?

“I think this should have been in the school a long time ago. Financial literacy is way more important than algebra, to be honest,” added senior Jennifer Urena, 18. “I don’t see myself using pre-calc or algebra, but if we need to learn about how loans work, and debt and all that, we don’t learn it.”

  • Students at Weymouth High School (MA) faced their financial futures at a recent workshop (Patriot Ledger):

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