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What A Gift!

Occasionally, you come across a story that restores your faith in humanity…this is one of them:

From WMUR (video also available):

The graduating class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem made a heartfelt decision to give the money raised for their senior class trip to the school’s principal, who was recently diagnosed with cancer…The gift comes less than a week after Vashaw told them she had been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer. After four years of hard work, the senior class gave her nearly $8,000 for medical care…“It is very hard for me to accept help, and I have no idea what to say to you,” said Vashaw. “She’s just very caring, very selfless, and we wanted to be selfless, too,” said Baker.

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An Act of Generosity

Too often I find personal finance curricula (ours included) are short on lessons about how money can be used as a tool to show generosity to our fellow man (and woman).  Often this generosity is not measured by the size or amount of the gift but rather the thought that went into it.  That is why I was so struck by the recent passing of Dean Smith (full disclosure:  I attended UVA and recall having a far less favorable opinion of Mr. Smith then) and his final gift to his players:

From (their first appearance in this blog):

Dean Smith got a chance to thank his players one last time.

The former North Carolina coach, who died last month at 83, directed his trust in his will to give $200 to every letter winner who played for him during his 36 seasons as head coach at the school…The letter addressed to Dante Calabria, who played on Smith’s 1993 national title team, was circulated on social media Thursday. Smith’s message was to “enjoy a dinner out compliments of Coach Dean Smith.”

One of the best quotes from a former player shows how one act of generosity can lead to more generous acts: Continue reading