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Question: What Should You Do Over The Summer?


With the calendar inching closer to August, which means back to school for many, it’s not too early to think about how your high school students should be spending their future summers.  You might want to file this one away for spring of next year. Based on this NY Times article, there are quite a few benefits to summer employment as a bank teller:

It’s a rare summer job that combines the acquisition of intensely practical knowledge and the opportunity to have conversations about important and personal topics with people two or three times your age.

Interesting to see this research buried in this article about what admissions directors at college look for when it comes to summer experiences: Continue reading

Question of the Day: How Do I Network?

This might be a good question of they day for your Careers Unit.  Being an effective networker helps not only in the an initial job search but is a skill that pays dividends throughout a career.

The article from the Economist highlights the skills needed to be a consummate networker:

Networking is not just for the elites. A study of staff at a range of German workplaces, carried out over three years by Hans-Georg Wolff and Klaus Moser of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, found a positive correlation between the amount of effort the workers said they put into building contacts—inside and outside their offices—and their pay rises and career satisfaction. “Networking can be considered an investment that pays off in the future,” it concludes. Indeed, Reid Hoffman has become a billionaire by investing in a series of companies that have brought networking to the masses—Friendster, SocialNet and LinkedIn.

So, what are the three skills that this columnist describes: Continue reading

Question of the Day: Should High School Students Get a Part-Time Job?

An Australian newspaper raises the question of whether high school students should get part-time jobs.  From the Herald Sun:

About 40 per cent of adults do not believe children should combine part-time employment while completing high school, despite experts saying it’s critical to help them learn about money at a young age and prepare for adulthood.

Boost Juice founder and managing director Janine Allis, whose juice bar business now has more than 5000 employees many of whom are teenagers, believes it’s vital that children have a job while at school.

“Having a part-time job teaches kids the value of money and gives them experience in business that will assist them later in life,’’ she said. “I started work at 14, working in a strawberry farm, then worked for Target at 15.’’ Continue reading

Importance of Career Guidance or Advice on “How to Find a Job”

NY Times op-ed piece over the weekend highlighted this weakness in US Higher Ed system:

While career training may sound vague, if done properly it is straightforward and teaches how to get, and succeed at, a job.  At most colleges this training falls under the purview of Career Services; however, there is a major disconnect between many students and this department.  Earlier this year, a consulting firm, Millenial Branding, surveyed over 4,000 students and found that 61 percent said Career Services was “never” or “rarely” effective in helping them land a job.” Continue reading