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What’s The Tooth Fairy Paying These Days?

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Ok, maybe your high school students have lost all their baby teeth, but they might be curious about this…who knew that someone actually tracked this stat. Since my six year old son recently lost his first two teeth, I hope he doesn’t read this as he will surely get upset at his tightwad father.

The answer is….(hat tip to Marketplace): $3.19 Continue reading

Question: What’s The Implied Interest Rate On Rent-To-Own Merchandise?

This Consumer Reports video got me thinking about how this question can be structured as an activity to develop your students’ comparison shopping and Excel skills.  Here’s the video:

First, let’s get the comparison shopping out of the way.  I chose this washer-dryer pair advertised at one of the leading rent-to-own companies:

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 3.29.07 PMHow much would the washer-dryer pair cost if you could buy it upfront at this retailer?

Note the everyday low price noted on the top right (or Cash Price at bottom center) of $1,424.98.  I wanted to see how that might compare if you tried to buy the same Maytag Centennial Washer and Dryer at a “big box” retailer.  After a 30 second Google search, I came up with the following costs at one retailer:

Assuming that figures for rent-to-own and “big box” exclude taxes and delivery, the “big box” cash cost of $1,097 is 23% less than the cash cost at the rent to own.  Why is this important?  It shows that the rent-to-own customer is starting out with a handicap as they will be renting an item at an already inflated price.

What is the implied interest rate with the rent-to-own model, using the data for this washer-dryer pair? Continue reading

Top 10 NGPF Lessons For the 2014-15 School Year

With our first school year winding down (or already concluded), I wanted to highlight the most popular NGPF lessons, as measured by teacher views.  As for patterns, the most popular lessons are drawn from a variety of topics, however teachers tended to gravitate towards our “Basics” lessons which will provide students with good foundational knowledge.  So, without further ado, our top 10 list…

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What Are People Reading on the NGPF Blog: Top 10 Posts for May 2015

It was a record month for the NGPF Blog, with visitors and page views increasing by over 300%!  Here is what personal finance educators were reading:

#10: Activity Idea:  Plan That $1,600 Summer Vacation

#9: What If the NBA Legend Who Allegedly Blew Through $154 Million Had A Savings Plan? Continue reading

Activity Idea: Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Textbooks represent one of the first purchasing decisions that college freshmen will make this fall when they arrive on campus. I could have included the adjective “dreaded” ahead of textbooks and I am sure I would have gotten lots of nods from readers. Many of you probably still recall years later that moment of stepping up to the cashier at the bookstore for the first time with mouth agape wondering if there had been a tremendous mistake when the total bill had been calculated.

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Today the book buying process has evolved beyond the new vs. used decision when I was in college Continue reading