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Product Release: NGPF Assessment Bank


Today, we are proud to release the beta version of the NGPF Assessment Bank. You asked for this in our recent surveys and we are delivering a set of 25 multiple choice questions for each of the five most frequently used NGPF Units. The assessments are now available in two places: online on our Gooru platform and a Google Docs version for those who prefer a paper version.

Here are the units currently available with links to the two versions:

  1. Checking……… Google Doc | Gooru
  2. Savings……….. Google Doc | Gooru
  3. Credit Scores.. Google Doc | Gooru
  4. Budgeting…….  Google Doc | Gooru
  5. Investing………. Google Doc | Gooru

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Which Account Would You Choose?

Thanks to my colleague, Jessica, for letting me know about this phenomenon of a 10 year CD with an interest rate below a regular savings account.  So, the question for your students is this:

Suppose you had $500 that you didn’t think you would need for a long time.  Would you invest in a 10-year CD earning 0.90% or a regular savings account earning 0.75% interest?

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Audio Resource: Want To Bring A Bank To Your School?

From Iowa Public Radio (45 minute podcast):

Financial literacy has been required as a part of the 21st-Century Skills portion of the Iowa Core for years. But specifics on enforcing the standard are fuzzy, so personal finance and economics classes vary wildly district to district.

Bob Mantell is the director of the T.S. Institute, an organization dedicated to financial literacy for K-12 students, that’s based in Treynor, a southwestern Iowa city of about 1,000 people. His organization puts banks in schools so that kids can get first-hand experience with money. Some kids serve as tellers, others deposit money in a savings account.


Check out the NGPF Activity on Online Banking

Top 10 NGPF Lessons For the 2014-15 School Year

With our first school year winding down (or already concluded), I wanted to highlight the most popular NGPF lessons, as measured by teacher views.  As for patterns, the most popular lessons are drawn from a variety of topics, however teachers tended to gravitate towards our “Basics” lessons which will provide students with good foundational knowledge.  So, without further ado, our top 10 list…

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Activity Idea: How To Save $100,000 By the Time You Turn 30

I saw this headline in the USA Today and expected something other than a listicle with 10 ways to get to $100K by 30 (including advice such as “go to a cheap school” or “avoid credit card debt.”).  I thought this would be a great question that would enable students to flex their Excel (or Google Sheets) muscles to figure out how they could get there.

Here is link to the spreadsheet.  Remember to have students copy the spreadsheet before completing the activity.  As a teacher, you can modify the spreadsheet based on the Excel skills of your students. The base version has all of the formulas already added. Students have three key assumptions to play with: Continue reading