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What’s New In Schools?

With schools opening across the country, here’s the latest news on what’s happening with financial literacy:

  • Gooding, a rock and roll band, is touring US high schools to spread their message of financial literacy (Parade):

The band, which also includes Jesse Rich on drums and Billy Driver on bass, created Funding the Future, a nonprofit that delivers a message of financial literacy through an engaging music-focused presentation. They’ve been putting on their shows at high schools across the country.

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Schools In The News: This Month In Financial Literacy

  • Walter Cronkite had a passion for financial literacy.  A WAPO columnist plugs his curriculum here (Boston Globe):

There isn’t enough caution in the curriculum of financial literacy materials. But that’s not the case with courses developed by the FoolProof Foundation, an organization that was created with help from the late CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, who, I learned, had a passion for financial literacy. “We have to take financial literacy back from people who make money when we make financial mistakes,” said Remar Sutton, volunteer chairman of the FoolProof Foundation Walter Cronkite Project. Sutton is also a former Washington Post lifestyle columnist. Continue reading

What’s New At Schools?

Tracking recent personal finance activity at high schools across America:

  • Bucks County (PA) high schools teaming up with Philly Fed (Bucks County Courier):Students in Chuck Deal’s personal finance class at Neshaminy High School will end the year knowing how to protect themselves from identity theft, create a budget and keep from getting taken for a ride when they buy their first car. Those topics, and more, are part of a popular personal finance course that draws some of its programming from one of the largest financial institutions in the country: the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
  • Junior Achievement put on a full-day financial literacy workshop for Central York (PA) High School students (York Daily Record):

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Featured Teacher: Lisa Bender (Southern Garrett High School, Maryland)

Every month, we look forward to featuring a personal finance teacher and having them share with the community their strategies to succeed in the classroom.  This month, NGPF is happy to introduce Lisa Bender from Southern Garrett High School, the Maryland 2014 Financial Literacy Teacher of the Year.  We appreciate Lisa taking the time to share her wisdom and answer three questions we posed to her.

Mrs B teaching

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What’s New In The Schools?

“I think this should have been in the school a long time ago. Financial literacy is way more important than algebra, to be honest,” added senior Jennifer Urena, 18. “I don’t see myself using pre-calc or algebra, but if we need to learn about how loans work, and debt and all that, we don’t learn it.”

  • Students at Weymouth High School (MA) faced their financial futures at a recent workshop (Patriot Ledger):

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What’s New in Schools?

Scanning the headlines to find out what high schools are up to when it comes to personal finance education:

  • Students at Marion HIgh School (Virginia) participated in a checking account simulation recently (SWVA Today):

“The Financial Literacy Project—Your Checking Account, sponsored by Bank of Marion, is a simulation is designed to teach the skills necessary to maintain a checking account. Students first learn about checking account basics and then actually write checks, make deposits and reconcile their accounts using the forms provided. The materials not only teach an important aspect of money management, but also correct bad habits that may otherwise persist throughout adult life.

  • Conrad High School (TX) recently opened a student-run bank that only takes “Conrad dollars (KERA News)”:

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Schools In the News: Financial Literacy Education

  • How did McCaskey High School (PA) Math Teacher Chris Hess make math more “relevant” to his students (Lancaster News)?:

When it comes to preparing students for real life, there may be no lesson more important than how to manage personal finances, Hess says. That’s why he started incorporating financial lessons into his calculus classes during a segment he calls Finance Friday.

Hess also has proposed a new financial algebra course for next year, which applies algebraic problems to everyday financial situations such as buying a home, filing taxes or starting a business. The school board approved the course in November as part of the the 2015-16 school curriculum.

  • Ames High School business teacher Rhonda Schmaltz describes her approach to teaching personal finance to high school juniors and seniors (Ames Tribune):

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