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What’s New With Credit Reports?

This could be a good WebQuest activity as it involves reading and interpreting articles focused on how regulations surrounding credit reports are changing.  Ask your students to find 3-4 sources about changes that have recently been announced with credit reports.  Here are some key questions for them to answer:

  • What are the details about credit report changes?
  • For each of the changes announced, who will benefit from it?
  • What are key credit report terms that you found in these articles?

From WSJ: Continue reading

Activity Idea: Plan that $1,600 Summer Vacation

images (1)

The calendar rolls over to May and students (and teacher’s thoughts) turn to summer.  How about using summer vacation as a means to teach students about budgeting and shopping on the internet?  Their task:  Plan a weeklong summer vacation for a family of four for $1,600 or less, which according to Money Magazine is the average vacation cost for an American family.

Have your students work in teams of 2 and complete a webquest to create a travel budget.  First, students can search for budgeting tips online to keep their costs as low as possible for their summer vacation.  Here is one article that might be helpful.

Here are the steps that they should complete once they have decided on a destination:  Continue reading

April 23rd Activity of the Day: How About Finding Some Free Money for College…?

The acceptance letters and the financial aid award letters have been read, analyzed, re-read and crunch time is upon those college seniors making decisions on where they will attend college this fall. We all know that this decision, however, is only the beginning of the process as students and their families devise strategies to pay for college.

For those students still looking to capture some of those free dollars, this activity “Finding College Scholarships” will come in handy. Continue reading

April 21st Activity of the Day: WebQuest To Find Credit Card with Lowest A.P.R.

As I mentioned in earlier post, we at NGPF love activities that hone student comparison shopping skills.  Even better, if they learn how to use the web to their advantage in combing through offers and finding one that matches their criteria. This activity “Research:  Find the Credit Card With The Lowest Interest Rate” accomplishes the first two objectives while also exposing students to the language and vocabulary of credit cards in an activity that creates a healthy level of competition in the classroom.

The activity begins by defining A.P.R. for students and describing its importance with credit cards. Continue reading

WebQuest: Why Did Netflix’s Stock Price Go Up When Their Earnings Went Down?

Does this look like a company whose earnings dropped in the last quarter?

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.08.57 PM

I like this activity because it teaches students the importance of expectations and also how investors value companies using different metrics (clearly earnings don’t drive Netflix’s stock price).

The assignment is simple: Continue reading