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We will be mailing you 2 luggage tags and 1 name tag per person in final documents about one month prior to departure. Name Tags must be worn during the tour for both security and identification at many of the sites in Israel. Place the luggage tags on your suitcase and carry-on, prior to departure, and pack the name tags to be worn on the tour.

One Suitcase and one Carry-On per person Suitcases exceeding 50 pounds may be subject to airline fees upon check-in, and carry-on bags must be able to be stowed under the seat or in the overhead bin. Please review guidelines of the air carrier. Porterage included on the tour for one suitcase only per person. Excess luggage will be subject to charges up to $50.00 per piece. Please note: Overhead space inside the bus is more restricted than on the airplane. The carry-on used for the plane may not be the bag for everyday needs and suggest that you bring a small carry-on for everyday use. Many pack this smaller bag in their suitcase.

Must be valid throughout the trip and for an additional six months post tour. Every traveler (including children) must have a passport. Visa or inoculations are NOT required to visit Israel.

The Shekel is Israel’s currency. The rate of exchange fluctuates and approximately 3.42 shekels = $1.00. We recommend that you bring $500.00 per person cash, along with major credit cards. Upon arrival convert $100.00 to shekels to be used for smaller items/incidentals.

ATMS are located throughout the country. Your debit card must be part of an international network; most are, but if you are not sure, ask your bank. ATM instructions begin in Hebrew, but will automatically switch to English once you enter your card PIN number. If your PIN number is more than 4 digits, change it to 4 digits at your bank before you leave for Israel. ATMS only give shekels NOT American dollars $.

BONUS Gratuities for Guides & Drivers

$100.00 per person to guide / $50.00 per person to driver to be done at the end of the tour for their outstanding service. Counselors on Bar & Bat Mitzvah Family Tours — at your discretion.

Saturday Optional Tours Offered In Israel

(cash only to be collected on the tour) Haifa: Tel Megiddo & Druze Village—$75.00 per person Jerusalem: Christian Sites in the Old City—$50.00 per person (adults only tours)

Value Added Tax Refunds – done at the airport when leaving Israel at VAT COUNTER after passport control. To receive refund you must have the purchased item present in your hand luggage and the VAT receipt provided by the vendor at the VAT counter to meet the criteria for refund.

To charge electronic devices in Israel you will need…a transformer (pictured to the left) and an assortment of adapters (pictured to the left) to fit Israeli outlets (available at Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc..) Hotels do not provide converters and/or the adapters needed for outlets. Please note that many newer electronic devices – I Phones I Pads etc … are compatible with the European system of 220V. However, you will still need to have plug adapters in order to be able to charge your devices.

Shaver Outlets- most hotels have in the bathroom and compatible with American Shavers.

Hair Dryers – provided at all the hotels and most located in the bathrooms

Access available in all of our hotels and many public areas.

Breakfasts and dinners in all of the hotels and restaurants are kosher. Lunches are on your own. Kosher options are available on route and in most multi-selection food courts. Tap water is officially drinkable throughout Israel, but bottled mineral water will be provided for our guests on our motor coaches. Remember to drink more liquid than usual to combat the effects of dehydration

The Source, by James Michener – a masterful journey through Israel’s history.

Exodus, by Leon Uris – the popular novel which vividly describes
the founding of Israel in 1948.

The Case for Israel, by Alan Dershowitz

Clothing – Adult Tours:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • The Dead Sea —Water shoes (Not flip-flops)!
  • Bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat
  • 2 Friday Night Shabbat Dinners- Dress Nicely
  • Gala Dinner– (Cocktail Attire — sports coat not required)
  • Religious Sites: (women only – shoulders and knees must be covered)
  • Bottom – Knee length shorts/capris/pants/skirts
  • Top-shoulders must be covered -Shirt with sleeves (no tank-tops or tube-tops) – lightweight shawl
  • The Great Synagogue of Jerusalem: modest dress required—dress for Shul- no pants

Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Family Tours:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • The Dead Sea —Water shoes (Not flip-flops)!
  • Bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat
  • 2 Friday Night Shabbat Dinners- Dress Nicely
  • Celebration Party – Cocktail attire
  • Ceremony on Masada -Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrants -White/beige attire
  • Tallit: You will have the opportunity to purchase one before the ceremony or the Rabbi will have one available to use during the ceremony.

December Winter Tour: Unpredictable weather (40s-60s. Strong chance for rain/snow)

  • Coat (Warm clothing, layers)
  • Umbrella, gloves, scarf and other warm clothing
  • 1 Friday Night Shabbat Dinner – Dress Nicely
  • Masada – Casual attire – Dress according to weather – white not required
  • Tallit: You will have the opportunity to purchase one before the ceremony or the Rabbi will
  • have one available to use during the ceremony

Professional video and pictures of the Bar & Bat Mitzvah ceremony on Masada and Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Celebration $400.00 (minimum 10 families) Cash or personal checks only done in Israel Package includes HD video and DVD with pictures from Masada and Celebration.

½ way through the tour we organize laundry service for the group. Please note that all the hotels offer valet laundry and dry cleaning services but quite costly. The service will be explained on the tour. The approximate cost per bag (plastic bag provided in hotel closets) 70 nis (shekels). Only Israeli shekels accepted – no credit cards.

Laundry Service NOT AVAILABLE - December Tour and all 12 day programs  

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